The purpose of ‘Silver’ Tees is to encourage players to continue playing despite loss of distance caused by advancing years or physical infirmity. The key factor is that no hole or holes should be ‘unplayable’ due to the required carry over water hazards etc. From 1st March 2018 Players wishing to change from the Regular Men’s tees to play from the Silver/Senior Tees will have to qualify under the following criteria.

  1. The primary consideration for approval is distance / carry. The longest carry required in the Chonburi area is 150 yards and this should be the ‘standard’ guideline. All other golf skill issues are managed and controlled by the existing handicap system, ie Course Rating, Slope Rating and playing off ‘Different Tee’ calculations.
    Players should be a minimum of 60 years and have a current Handicap Index not less than 24.
  2. The player must complete an application form available from the PSC office.
  3. The player will be assessed for suitability by the Society Organizer and another member of the group from where the player plays from, or in their absence, the PSC Golf Chairman and a member of his Handicap Committee. A reasoned assessment for suitability would be the player’s inability to ‘carry’ a Tee shot 150 yards.
  4. Once the application has been approved the player should play off the Silver Tees off his current Handicap Index for all future rounds. However Society Competition Organizer may be permitted to waive if appropriate.
  5. In the absence of Silver Tee Boxes or Markers the player will play two meters behind the Red Tee Markers.
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