Instructions for using the PSC Handicap Index App
(not final copy)

1/.        Load either for Android or Apple

2/.        Login into the App using your PSC ID and either your email address or your telephone number, using your telephone number is sometimes a lot quicker.
IMPORTANT:- If you try to use an email address or a telephone number which is not the same as the one you used when you became a member, it will not work! If you have changed either, please inform the PSC Office immediately. If you are using a Thai telephone number, please include the “zero” at the start of the number and no spaces.

If using for the first time, you may have to close the App and click the Icon again to reach the home page. From now on you will remain logged in, even if you close the App, when you reopen it, you will be taken to your home page.

Home Page

Here you have access to your current and forecast Index, counting rounds, post score or play round {same page), menu in top left hand corner and at the bottom your profile info & Information/instructions icons.

3/.        To add a photo, go to your profile (centre bottom page) and click on the edit icon (top right corner) and follow instructions.

4/.        Top left is your menu button:-

a/. Teeing handicap, enter course & tee to see your h’cap for selected course & tee.
b/. My scores, view all your previous scores and edit button for your last score entered,
only available for 30 minutes after the score is entered (small icon visible).
c/. Golfers, find another golfer’s h’cap index.
d/. Golf Courses, courses in the system*
e/. Share App, social media
f/. Help, if required email
g/. Logout

5/.        To add score,

a/.        Click “Post Score”,
b/.        Select your course, followed by the tee colour, which will then show you the rating and slope for that tee and what your playing handicap would be.
c/.        Use 18 holes.
d/.        Enter “Date played”, then either “Post Score”, then select either Stableford points (you must enter the tee H’cap you played off), this will automatically calculate the Adjusted score or you can enter your adjusted Stroke score.
f/.        Enter your marker’s PSC ID or if your marker was not PSC, his/her name and where his/her Home handicap is held.
g/.        Click “Save”
h/.        On your home page, you should see a changed Index under the “Forecast”

And that’s It! Really simple!

OR instead of “Post Score” you can click “Add Hole by Hole”

If you’re starting on the first, click “Next”; tap where it says “1st hole” if you are starting on the 10th or some other hole and then select your starting hole.

Optional, Select your tracking option as required
Then select “Next” then enter score for hole and click “Next” again, to move to the next hole etc , etc until you finish the round.

If you play a course in Thailand or anywhere in the world, which is not on our system you may add it as an “away score”. (If it’s in Thailand please keep the card and send it to the PSC Office for the attn of the Golf Chairman).
Adding an away score
Select “Post Score”, followed by “Select Course”, then Name of Course, Address, tee colour, rating and slope. Either Stableford points (must include teeing h’cap and par for the course) or Adjusted stroke score.


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